Scheduled Races:

September 3, 2018.  The Burlingame Spirit Run.  Results: 3rd in AG, 33rd Overall 

September 9, 2018.  The Giants Race 5k, San Francisco, CA 

September 11, 2018.  Meet me at Kezar track with SF​RRC to run with Dean Karnazes, 6:30pm 

September 22, 2018.  The Garin Park XC Challenge, 5k Thanks WVTC!  

September 23, 2018.  The 2018 SF Aloha Run, 5k   Results:  2nd in AG, 33rd Overall 

September 29, 2018.  10th Annual Your Next Step is the Cure, 4.4 miles Results: 1st in AG, 8th Overall 

September 30, 2018.  The Tiburon, 5k   Results:  1st in AG, 8th Overall 

October 13, 2018.  The Belmont Water Dog Run -- please join me!!  My team is here! Team: Niall's 50 5ks in 50 Days

October 14, 2018.  Splash & Dash, 5k

If you can't make these races, but want to run with me, I run all around SF's Richmond District and Golden Gate Park, email my dad and he will arrange it.

I want to thank my classmate Parker for running with me today 9/26 and 10/3!!

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