Here are the groups I want to thank thus far

  • The IronCowboy.  Thank you for the texts and for the inspiration!  

  • Red Rocket Racing, LLC. Red Rocket Racing produces races that appeal to the serious-minded runner. Thank you Red Rocket Racing! 

  • Skratch Lab.  Founder, Allen Lim, PhD., helped me with my recovery nutrition.  Thank you Allen!  I drink the chocolate recovery drink after every 5k!  

  • A Runner's Mind. This is my favorite running store.  Monte, Kyle, Brooke and Carlos gave me a free pair of socks!  Thanks.  Brooke thank you for donating and hiring my cat sitting business Richmond Cat Sitters! 

  • Julie & Dean Karnazes!  Thank you for doing my 17th 5k with me!  John Brust and SFRRC Thank you!  

  • Skydio Thank you for lending me a drone to film my runs!  These are the best drones for filming runs!  Thank you Rebecca and the Skydio Team!  

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