What I am trying to do is very hard.  I will try my best to run 50 5ks in 50 days regardless of weather, my family's schedule and how I feel.  At the end of every week, I will update this web page with my progress and pictures of my runs.  

  • Each run is available via Garmin Connect upon request

  • Each 5k will be measured by my Garmin Forerunner 25, unless it is a competitive 5k hosted by a running production company

  • If I am sick, I will have to rest, I intend to make up that day's run another day.  I may have to run multiple 5ks in one day

  • **September 28, 2018 Decision:  Because my 9/29 race is 4.4 miles, not 3.11, I slightly shortened my 9/28/19 run. I will make sure I get the total mileage.  

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50 5ks in 50 Days 


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